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Whit the hell is The Aw Naw Podcast?

Whur jist a typical wee Scottish family, hayin’ ah laugh talkin’ aboot aw hings Scottish. It’s like a therapy session goan wrang tae be fair! We’ll argue talk aboot oor problems, ah hings Scottish, we gee oor Scottish perspective an’ opinion oan oanyhing an everyhing! If yer needin’ a wee laugh, hae a listen, but be warned, the fact it’s Scottish means yer gauny hear a shit fuck tonne eh fuckin swearing (unless Lucies there, we try tae tone it doon when she’s lurkin!!).
Ohh, an’ fur the recurd ma pals, we dinnae claim that facts wi gee EVER tae be 100% true. Ah mean, wi dae try to be aw factual an’ aw’hing, but sometimes it’s jist funnier tae make it up as ye go alang, or make up aw the wee facts wi dinnae ken. Sorty like Karen aff the Facebook, kens aw’hing, but really kens fuck aw!

Meet the Scallywags behind The Aw Naw Podcast

It's Lee

Lee is the (co-)founder eh The Aw Naw Podcast an’ also, tiktoks very ain Scottish Alexa! He’s aw o’er the social media interwebs!

It's Leanne

No jist Lee’s wife, she’s right intae her crotcheting. Lee keeps callin’ it knittin’ an’ if he does it wan mare time, Leanne’s goany shove the crotchet hook right up his arse!

It's Radge Gamer!

Aye, eh, well, this is a long story, Lee is Radge Gamer… it’s a new development, no sure whit’s gaun oan there!

It's Lucie

So sometimes Lucie makes an appearance. It’s mainly an oor 18s show (18+) but we keep it clean when she’s oan.

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